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Elenchus is an Art incubator and curatorial organisation dedicated to the support of emerging and established artists.

An artist is not an island : only by establishing a dialogue with other talented individuals can the artistic language be further researched and

Creative development depends on this conversation, and it is our mission to build such a creative network, supporting talent and educating the community.

In order to achieve this goal, Elenchus focuses its curation on artists with relentless exploration and commitment to their practice. Giving them a platform amongst like-minded individuals and providing new opportunities for artists thanks to local and international events showcasing their work.

We constantly scout for exceptional talent in any discipline and curate exhibitions to take their work out of the studio and on to the eyes of the public.

While a third of all art purchased in the world is sold in London, local artists sometimes find it difficult to get visibility and recognition. Renting a decent studio, developing projects or acquiring materials often constitutes a real financial challenge. This is why Elenchus also helps artists generate revenue via online sponsorship campaigns and the production of limited edition merchandise.

If you want to be considered to become part of our artist roster, please send us a brief presentation of yourself as well as some photos of your work at the email address below.