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Rejecting a world where the truth had only a single face, Socrates proposed a method of learning where through questioning and cooperative dialogue one could reveal underlying truths and generate new ideas.  The method of Elenchus is the refutation of dogmas through beautiful doubt. In past times, when Art and creativity became static and stale, revolutionaries channeled the Elenchus to seek that newer world, expanding the boundaries of their mediums and carrying civilisation forward. Today's overhyped Art market, disconnected from the public and no longer serving artists or patrons, needs Elenchus. Our vision is to build this space, one that will weave and bind all artistic endeavours.

Social Landscape

Without returning to Elenchus, the market will continue to dictate taste and devour artists’ creativity in a relentless race to the bottom line. The world’s largest unregulated market is now rigged by a deceptive and insensitive horde of PR advisors and charlatans. Millions of dollars are lavished upon fashionable, factory-made works of vague and questionable qualities. Easily assembled, cheaply conceived, yet preposterously priced art is encouraged by an industry that exists today solely to satisfy itself, seeking a return on investment at all cost. This has brought forth a plague of dirty business, bad advice, and even worse Art; a stagnant culture devoid of ideas that rewards exorbitant, deceivingly detailed or pretentiously monumental illustrations above artistic mastery. These cultivations of uninspired works, stripped of all meaning except their price tag, are now proclaimed to be masterpieces. In this saturated market the few patrons willing to help must continue to suspect the salesmen’s smoke screens; suspicious they put their search for profit too high above Art's search for meaning. Artists continue to be drawn to cities like London as centres of Art and culture. But an ever-expanding real estate market that prioritises high-end residences combined with collapsing support has caused the numbers to fall miserably.

Moreover, artists now exist in a polluted and atomised virtual world of social networks and exchanges; trapped and isolated in the feedback loops of their biased online following and robbed of the time to think by the technology that purports to help them. With their honest and critical thinking mutilated they find themselves in perpetual arrested development. Without catalysing new abstractions through cooperative dialogue, the public will be deprived of works of Art that resonate through the culture, revivifying individuals and rejuvenating societies.


There have been times, under different banners, where the force of Elenchus was marshalled to incite change and propel our world from the stale to the new. Art has always had to react with and overcome the evolution of technology and society. Over a century ago; the machine gun, the combustion engine, the factory, and the camera all challenged and dislocated the artist in our culture. Seeing a static and overly-mannered art world unable to respond to the challenges of the 19th century, the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood threw open the Overton window, illuminating London's art with poetic meaning. In Paris, the poet Gertrude Stein revived the Salon. Paris' artists were reawakened, and there, Picasso met Matisse and through their discussions and harmonious discord transformed western Art. In Germany, the Bauhaus united the artists, artisans, craftsmen, and architects under one roof and reawakened German Arts and Crafts. Now, creativity and manufacturing have drifted apart yet cry out for unity. Elenchus will foster a community and a stage where people can dedicate themselves to their practices without the burdening managerial and financial concerns. Inspired by Bauhaus, the American Avant-garde formed Black Mountain College and drew in Buckminster Fuller, Willem de Kooning, Annie and Joseph Albers, Cy Twombly and Robert Rauschenberg to inspire, discuss, and disagree. By recapturing these spirits our community will regenerate London as the natural capital for artists that it was imagined to be. History never repeats, but sometimes it rhymes. As with the Bauhaus, Elenchus' ultimate goal is in the building: the centre of all creation. Yet unlike past movements, our philosophy won’t be rooted in aesthetics or tied to styles, thus encouraging its perpetual evolution.


For Plato, Elenchus acts as midwifery to creation. Yet, for this it needs a home, a hatchery to nurture artists and their visions. Whether birthed through pain or ecstasy, artists' works will be incubated and allowed to oxygenate and cross fertilize. Enriched through discussions with their peers and freed from the shackles of being their own online publicists, agents, and managers, Artists will have a home and a platform in the heart of London. It will be a centre for artists to create and foster their ideas and goals. Driven by this broader spectrum of intellectual exchanges, London’s art scene will regenerate into something greater, something filled with grit, passion, and hard work devoid of vacuous redundancies. The selection of these artists will not be based on flashy price tags or the mass of their online following; but on their ability, potential, and desire to elevate their work and transcend today's revolutions in technology and culture. Elenchus will bring together the sculptors and the painters, the architects and the craftsmen, the abstract and the figurative, and the western and eastern philosophies. Without these Elenctic dialogues, the ceaseless perpetuation of the stale shall continue to invade and obscure our judgment.

The Aim

Elenchus puts exploration and dedication to the creative practice above everything. It is the dialogue in subject matter, disciplines and society that drives artists to push the story forward, and so it is for us the priority for a contribution to the cultural landscape. We are committed to show and curate the work of our artists, to help them with commissions, clients, collaborative projects and publications as well as offering studio spaces and residencies in the near future.

The Building

A space for Elenchus would give artists affordable and flexible studios to develop their skills, perfect their crafts, and grow intellectually. The building provides further space to discuss their work and ideas with their peers, and a platform to display their work and attract interested patrons and collectors. This building will be a beacon not just for the artists, but for the patrons and the general public. All can be pilgrims to such space, orientated by it in a chaotic market and drawn to a place that produces artworks and artists of quality, and resonance. Many of these works would feed in to a permanent, curated collection. These works would not adhere to one style or medium but be selected for their merit and
capacity to sustain and grow Elenchus exponentially.


This beacon will save London's most gifted artists from squandering their talents and time on mundane concerns. Both artists and patrons will be drawn to this platform in the heart of London, further radiating through the local community, allowing the public to reengage with Art of tangible excellence and virtue. Art retains its capacity to catalyse regeneration and to strengthen academic and empiric excellence, whilst opening its doors to the general public. Many of London's cultural epicentres were born out of this same cycle, finding affordable studio spaces, brightening the local area, and stimulating the area. London's artists
today need a new home, and the returns for the community will be immeasurable.

Let us create this place, where dialogue and critical thought can bring new light to the artistic imagination. Art can again serve more than an unregulated market and uninformed consumer. A return to the natures and nuances of mediums and styles that can exist to nurture creativity and carry a message. It shall be a place for the viewer who can't find beauty and for the artist who wants to be free from trivial concerns. A place where dialogue enkindles creation and where that force can be channelled and drive culture forward.

Text by Daniel Brusatin, Sebastian Lowe & Paola Foster

© Elenchus London 2018

Elenchus Team

Daniel Brusatin Artist and Curator

Alexandre Monnier Business Development

Nicolas Sanchez  Artist Relationships and New Media