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Nicolas Sanchez

Nicolás Sánchez is a Colombian sound artist, electronic musician and producer who focuses his practice on the philosophical and physical aspect of sound. Influenced by currents such as Musique concrète, noise and syncretism, a large part of his work illustrates and discusses such thoughts through the plasticity of sound. Nicolas also works as a DJ under the Nyksan alias. Furthermore, his Unterbog project has freshened and consolidated the underground electronic music subculture surrounding Techno in Colombia since almost a decade.

Now based in London, Nicolas is co-founder of the Ambient label Hoy Records and Tratratrax, a record label created to showcase the relationship between Perreo (as a resistance sound of Latin America) and electronic/future sounds and narratives. He has delivered sonic journeys at NTS, Sónar, Ars Electronica, Baum Festival, Video Club, Brilliant Corners, amongst others.