MANIFESTO                      ABOUT

Peter Evans 

My practice begins with the collecting of found objects and materials, items from the streets or private spaces that can be reworked and presented in new often abstract forms.
Taking inspiration from the passed over spaces of the everyday, routine behaviour and the familiarity of the habitual, my work celebrates the aspects of life that might be hiding in plainsight: overheard snippets of conversation, discarded National Lottery scratchcards and disusedfood crates, have all been taken and repurposed to allow the viewer space for a newinterpretation of an ordinary world. It's the things we walk past everyday unnoticed, the unremarkable sides of our existence that I celebrate and bring to the fore in a new conception; postcards are dissected and re-presented inbook form; a ripped billboard poster is turned into an abstract collage.
I am currently living and working in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My latest works take discarded materials that were once used in the transportation and distribution of food and present these in minimal bold forms, bringing together the two often alienated worlds of the abstract minimalist and the rural producer.

Peanuts, 2021
Acrylic, Gesso and Jute glued on Canvas, 30x20cm

Spilled Milk, 2021
Found Wood and Acrylic on  Wooden Panel, 47x47cm

Spill the Beans, 2021
Wood, Plastic, Tape and Nails, 30x47cm

Easy as Pie, 2020
Acrylic, Wall Paint and Glued Potato Sack on Canvas - 30x30cm